Outside Vertical Bends 90° (Stationary) (Side Edge)

Sipariş KoduStok KoduH mmT mmAğırlık (kg/mt)
50-MSD PG0100850MSDPG501,20,415
70-MSD PG0100870MSDPG701,20,515
75-MSD PG0100875MSDPG751,20,545
80-MSD PG0100880MSDPG801,20,565
100-MSD PG01008100MSDPG1001,20,670
125-MSD PG01008125MSDPG1251,20,800
150-MSD PG01008150MSDPG1501,20,930

* For installation please see montage guide.

* This item is used for inner side bend for 90° bend, Tee bend, 4 way cross, and 45 ° bend.


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10