Outside Vertical Bends 90˚ (Fixed Wide Angle) H40

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmWeight (kg/mt)
805-4A PG 01004AA8054APG40501,085
808-4A PG 01004AA8084APG40801,265
810-4A PG 01004AA8104APG401001,385
812-4A PG 01004AA8124APG401201,510
815-4A PG 01004AA8154APG401501,685
816-4A PG 01004AA8164APG401601,745
820-4A PG 01004AA8204APG402001,985
822-4A PG 01004AA8224APG402252,120
825-4A PG 01004AA8254APG402502,425
830-4A PG 01004AA8304APG403002,585
840-4A PG 01004AA8404APG404004,250
845-4A PG 01004AA8454APG404504,650
850-4A PG 01004AA8504APG405005,050
860-4A PG 01004AA8604APG406005,850
805-4A HDG 01004AA8054AHDG40501,190
808-4A HDG 01004AA8084AHDG40801,395
810-4A HDG 01004AA8104AHDG401001,520
812-4A HDG 01004AA8124AHDG401201,660
815-4A HDG 01004AA8154AHDG401501,855
816-4A HDG 01004AA8164AHDG401601,920
820-4A HDG 01004AA8204AHDG402002,180
822-4A HDG 01004AA8224AHDG402252,335
825-4A HDG 01004AA8254AHDG402502,665
830-4A HDG 01004AA8304AHDG403002,840
840-4A HDG 01004AA8404AHDG404004,675
845-4A HDG 01004AA8454AHDG404505,115
850-4A HDG 01004AA8504AHDG405005,555
860-4A HDG 01004AA8604AHDG406006,435


1- “A and B” sizes are equal in standard production if required

“B Sizes” can be changed by using reducing parts

2- Please visit page 109 for other radius

3- Different sheet thicknesses can be produced.

4- Please indicate order code and the shape of coating in your orders.


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10