Cable Trays Reducing Angles Fixing Bends H100

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmWeight (kg/mt)
A05-10ANR PG01004A0510ANRPG100500.130
A10-10ANR PG01004A1010ANRPG1001000.215
A10-10ANR PG01004A1010ANRPG1001500.285
A20-10ANR PG01004A2010ANRPG1002000.360
A25-10ANR PG01004A2510ANRPG1002500.435
A30-10ANR PG01004A3010ANRPG1003000.510
A35-10ANR PG01004A3510ANRPG1003500.580
A40-10ANR PG01004A4010ANRPG1004000.650
A45-10ANR PG01004A4510ANRPG1004500.725
A50-10ANR PG01004A5010ANRPG1005000.800
A05-10ANR HDG01004A0510ANRHDG100500.145
A10-10ANR HDG01004A1010ANRHDG1001000.240
A10-10ANR HDG01004A1010ANRHDG1001500.315
A20-10ANR HDG01004A2010ANRHDG1002000.395
A25-10ANR HDG01004A2510ANRHDG1002500.480
A30-10ANR HDG01004A3010ANRHDG1003000.565
A35-10ANR HDG01004A3510ANRHDG1003500.640
A40-10ANR HDG01004A4010ANRHDG1004000.715
A45-10ANR HDG01004A4510ANRHDG1004500.800
A50-10ANR HDG01004A5010ANRHDG1005000.880


1- It is produced with same thickness of the cable trays that would be combined.

2- Different sheet thicknesses can be produced.

3- Please indicate order code and the shape of coating in your orders.

4- Bolt & nuts are sold separately.


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10