Cable Ladder Welded Type FM Series H70 (HDG TS EN ISO 1461)

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmT mmRungWeight (kg/mt)
A 10-FM-70-15 HDG01008A10FM7015HDG701001.541×213.195
A 10-FM-70-20 HDG01008A10FM7015HDG701002.041×214.260
A 20-FM-70-15 HDG01008A20FM7015HDG702001.541×213.615
A 20-FM-70-20 HDG01008A20FM7020HDG702002.041×214.825
A 30-FM-70-15 HDG01008A30FM7015HDG703001.541×214.025
A 30-FM-70-20 HDG01008A30FM7020HDG703002.041×215.360
A 40-FM-70-15 HDG01008A40FM7015HDG704001.541×214.440
A 40-FM-70-20 HDG01008A40FM7020HDG704002.041×215.925
A 50-FM-70-15 HDG01008A50FM7015HDG705001.541×214.875
A 50-FM-70-20 HDG01008A50FM7020HDG705002.041×216.490
A 60-FM-70-15 HDG01008A60FM7015HDG706001.541×215.275
A 60-FM-70-20 HDG01008A60FM7020HDG706002.041×217.025
A 70-FM-70-20 HDG01008A70FM7020HDG707002.041×217.590
A 80-FM-70-20 HDG01008A80FM7020HDG708002.041×217.740
A 90-FM-70-20 HDG01008A90FM7020HDG709002.041×218.250
A 100-FM-70-20 HDG01008A100FM7020HDG7010002.041×218.740


1- Cable ladder standart length is 3000 mm.

2- Each cable ladder needs 2 pcs straight connectors.

3- Each straight connector needs 4 sets of M8x15 nuts&bolts.

4- Stainless steel cable ladders can be manufactured according to request. (with special rungs.)

5- Please indicate order code and the shape of coat g in your orders.

6- For ladder rung selection, please visit page 230


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10